W2WA Client Testimonials https://www.woman2womanandassociates.net/apps/photos/ W2WA Client Testimonials Ms. Kinch W2WA would like to thank the MANY supporters, Donors and partners who support our mission to empower, educate,motivate and inspire women in crisis from domestic violence, homelessness and substance abuse in South Metro Atlanta and beyond! We have been BLESSED with many AMAZING partners like The Clayton County Board of Health's Helathier Generations program. Those dedicated individuals are doing the work God has purposed us all to do for His people in need and it is our honor to be partnered with such a GREAT program! Together we are making significant impacts in the lives of women in crisis.... We are excited and proud to be assisting women in recieving the necessary permanent housing they need for themselves and their children and Praise God another W2WA Client has her housing certificate and ready to move into her own home!!!!!!!!!! https://www.woman2womanandassociates.net/apps/photos/photo?photoID=202571080 202571080 Ms. Carruthers W2WA Founder & CEO April LaLand -Sentmanat and our entire W2WA Family want to congratulate one of our clients on receiving a promotion at her job and also employee of the month.....Look at God! We are grateful that we have been able to provide the necessary Services programs and financial assistance she needed in her time of crisis.....We are tremendously proud of her progress!!!! Ms. Tyrissa Carruthers is a Phenomenal young woman who has taken serious tragedy that happened in her life and turned it around and made it positive.... Through hard work and dedication to Rising above her circumstances, she has been awarded EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH and been promoted.... She is STAR on her job! She is a STAR in our organization and it is our sincere hope to W2WA can continue to assist her rise to the top! https://www.woman2womanandassociates.net/apps/photos/photo?photoID=202571081 202571081